An Appeal to the GOP: Get the Republican House in Order! by Miguel A. Faria, MD

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

When Barack Obama was elected and re-elected president in 2008 and 2012, the GOP went out of its way to reach across the aisle to the Democrats and extend to President Obama two sequential honeymoon periods. Conservatives waited and hoped for the political pendulum to swing their way. But the future did not look bright.

Yet, despite the odds, conservative voters turned out in record numbers and elected a Republican President, Donald Trump. Incredibly, instead of getting together and working with the GOP Leaderspresident, the GOP-controlled Congress became intransigent and rudderless, a party unto itself, hostile and obstructive to the Trump administration, cocky and overly fastidious about its legislative prestige and congressional prerogatives.

The Republican Party, in short, has been torn asunder with its executive and legislative branches pulling in different and seemingly capricious directions —and therefore highly ineffective. The Democrats drubbed in the 2016 election are sitting back gloating. The conservative political agenda, despite GOP control of every branch of government, even the majority of state legislatures, has become bogged down. ObamaCare was not repealed, much less replaced; immigration reform is a mess; the filling of vacancies in the lower courts is lagging behind; North Korea with the hydrogen bomb on ICBMs is threatening to use them on the U.S. territory of Guam and our allies, South Korea and Japan. The Democrats and their toadies in the Republican Party, Senators John McCain and Lyndsey Graham, have managed to create tensions with Russia, who should have been our ally in Syria and elsewhere.

Trump may be difficult to work with, but he’s still the President of the United States. And frankly, I don’t think the Republicans could have won the presidential election of 2016 without Trump and his vitality, his message to those who had felt ignored, and the support he built for himself with blue collar workers in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, etc.

A magnificent 2016 GOP victory has up to now been squandered by ludicrous quarrels within an aimless GOP. This needs to stop. The President must go to Congress and fix the problem. Feathers of the fastidious and proud GOP leaders of Congress may need to be unruffled and smoothed — but be that as it may, cooperation is needed to get the work done for the good of the nation. 

Republican and conservative voters waited and roamed in the wilderness for eight years, and except for the filling of the Supreme Court vacancy with a great jurist, Neil Gorsuch, much work still needs to be done.

Instead of carrying out a conservative agenda and making “America Great Again,” as Trump and the Party promised, Americans are witnessing an untenable and infantile situation between the GOP Congress and the President.

Trump also needs to consider what happened politically in the first “American dynasty.” John Adams (1797-1801), a great American patriot, lawyer and Founding Father, floundered as U.S. president. He could not lead his own party. Both he and the Federalists went on to defeat. He was a one-term president; the Federalists went into extinction. A quarter of a century later, his gifted son, John Quincy Adams (1825-1829), was elected president. He could not work with his own administration or Congress. He also was defeated at reelection, another one-term president. John Quincy Adams was also the last president of the Democratic-Republican Party of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

The next major political party to form, the Whigs, was a party of ideas and to win presidential elections chose victorious generals, William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor, as candidates. They won but unfortunately died too early in office to carry forward their party’s platform. The man who should have lead them, Henry Clay, who had a clear vision for the party, was never selected to run for president and the party went down the path of extinction after 1853. From then on, it was the Jacksonian Democrats, the Democrats of today, opposed by the Republican Party of Abraham Lincoln (1860).

One man, even if he is the U.S. President, without a political party behind him accomplishes nothing — and becomes a one-term president. Likewise, a party without a working president is doomed to extinction.

It is high time President Trump invites the GOP leadership to Camp David, iron out differences, and trace a winning plan for the good of the nation.

Written by Dr. Miguel Faria

Miguel A. Faria, M.D. is a retired clinical professor of neurosurgery and long time medical editor. He is the author of Vandals at the Gates of Medicine (1995); Medical Warrior: Fighting Corporate Socialized Medicine (1997); and Cuba in Revolution — Escape From a Lost Paradise (2002). His website is

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Millennials yearning for communism?

A friend send us a copy of this report: “Doug Casey on Why Millennials Favor Communism” (December 1, 2017) pointing out that a recent study from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, a D.C.-based nonprofit, found that half of the millennials it surveyed would rather live in a socialist or communist country than a capitalist society. And 22% of those surveyed had favorable views of Karl Marx… while 13% viewed Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong-un as ‘heroes.’ ”
Dr. Faria replies: Frankly I was not surprised I’ve dealt with this issue before.

The millennials are being brainwashed by the schools (including some private schools), the liberal media and the popular culture. The churches (and I suspect synagogues also) feed them politically correct pabulum, and there is no counterbalance from families, which should have been the source of inner strength. Parents are afraid to instruct or dissuade their children from PC indoctrination. In short, afraid of telling them the truth. It is as if we were already in a police state, as I wrote in "Cuba in Revolution."

Millennials don't know history or natural rights theories of civil government. So they have been caught in a pincer movement of socialism and the Islamic terrorism threat, and they have no intellectual capacity or spiritual strength to combat the cutting edges. But as I have said before, and Doug Casey alludes in the Casey Report you sent me, the youth will get wiser as they get older.

The conversation mentions Socrates, but Aristotle had a much better insight about the raising of the youth, better than the Socratic dialogues or the Platonic society of philosopher-kings and Guardians.

But returning to practical instruction today. Yes, more and more kids are going to college where they get indoctrinated in Marxism. Yet, what we need is more kids to go into technical colleges. Excepting engineers, doctors, and nurses, we need more blue collar workers, not lawyers and bureaucrats. The mogul capitalists who should be supporting conservative think tanks and conservative organizations (Hugh Hefner of Playboy, not to mention the moguls of Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, etc.) scared of the progressive media supported the Democrats, PC liberal organizations — supplying the rope with which Lenin said the communists will hang the capitalists themselves.

As for the Western civilization, its intellectual defense is what greatly needed. For it is under assault, as it is its underpinning Catholicism and the Judeo-Christian ethic, like it or not, the intellectual of bedrocks our civilization. --- MAF


Miguel, Excellent commentary on the idiot, leftist Congress. They are doing more damage to this republic than are the purist communist Democrats--mainly, as you say, by acting as Trump obstructionists. The problem, as I see it, is that these nefarious idiots are only interested in pleasing lobbyists and the elite of the shadow government (CFR, Trilateral and Bilderberger). It is the lobbyists who have done more damage than anyone to our Republic. In the past they were only interested in their profits and using government to increase those profits. Now they have joined the left-wing extremists in promoting an agenda--a utopian, collectivists agenda that will destroy individual freedom and prosperity. It is an agenda that detest private property, individual freedom and that worships collectivist regimentation. President Trump has endangered this agenda and that is why they, the extreme, collectivist left, is in such a panic to remove him at all cost. The moronic RINOs want to share in the elitism of the shadow government and have betrayed this Republic. They should all be removed from office and the only way to protect this republic is to end all lobbying. We must keep in mind that the Tax-exempt foundations are ruled by boards (all interlocking) who sit as CEOs of major international corporations and international banking houses, most of whom have heads full of extreme social engineering dreams. These corporations are now resorting to indoctrinating all their employees by requiring leftist reeducation training and funding every left-wing moronic idea that raises its ugly head.
Great post as usual. Thank you Russell!---MAF

Kick the RINOs out!

Selections from GOPUSA (Sept 8, 2017)

backpacker: Miguel Faria, Great commentary. The RINOs are rudderless, because they are nothing but communists, just like their twins in Congress, the Demo-RATS!

Mcgill: I agree but I would first like to have all the constituents of John McCain, Linsey Graham, etc….all the Republicans that are making it difficult for the conservative agenda and Trump to hear from us. We do not think they have our interests at heart. They need to be booted out of office come the next election. John McCain should have gone long ago. His personal vendetta against Trump is hurting the nation and was a very selfish vote. Trump is trying to do what he promised and all Republicans should be on board. Those that are not…..get rid of them and the sooner the better.

Ituser: IMO all those RINOS starting with McCain, Graham and RYAN need to just be flat out KICKED OUT of the republican party… And why is it, it seems its ON TRUMP to do something to appease the GOP? IS THERE nothing the GOP itself needs to do? OR is it all on Trump’s shoulders?

usafoldsarge: “It is high time President Trump invites the GOP leadership to Camp David, iron out differences, and trace a winning plan for the good of the nation.”

How about using 4 ounce gloves in a squared ring? The doctor has an excellent suggestion, which I doubt the lilly-livered RINOs would accept....

Oleoteabag: While these petulant little wussies sit up on Capitol Hill acting like spoiled debutantes that didn’t get an invitation to the ball, waiting for Trump to come to THEM on bended knee? HE is not the one who needs to appease, much LESS apologize to these prima donnas. They should be ASHAMED of the way they have behaved since they flat-out LIED to we, the people to keep their seats on the government gravy train. The sad truth is, these career politicians are TERRIFIED that Trump might succeed and actually CLEAN UP the corrupt mess that they and their career politician counterparts in the Democrat Party have made of our Congress! Like the Democrats, they WANT him to FAIL, so that THEY can continue robbing the rest of us BLIND with their corrupt “business as usual,” and have been working NON-STOP to undermine and SABOTAGE everything our President tries to do. HE is the one trying to do what he promised, and what we ELECTED him to do. THESE vermin have already made it clear all THEIR promises were just empty LIES.

Joe2306: My great grandfather on my mother’s side became a Republican in 1860, he had been a Whig. On my father’s side my great grandfather upon arriving from Germany in 1873 asked, “Which party owned the slaves?”, he quickly registered Republican. I am disappointed, as would they, this new crop of ‘Republicans’ cannot make up their minds on the key issues we elected them to deal with. The only one who seems to know what we THE PEOPLE elected them for is the President and they are fighting him. We should not suffer fools easily or graciously, if they won’t or refuse to do the job they should be dumped at at the ballot box.

Also we must REPEAL the 17th Amendment and return to the Founding Father’s method of having state legislators elect Senators. That would break the STRANGLEHOLD of special interest money needed to survive the overly long and EXPENSIVE primary system to even get NOMINATED. The current method of electing Senators is so OBSCENELY expensive that candidates for the Senate have to sell their souls to special interests just to get ELECTED. Unfortunately there seems to be a shortage of BILLIONAIRE business people willing to SELF-FUND their own campaigns for Congress–so we need to put a STOP to this “popular vote” election of Senators to fix this mess.

Dido: There was also a Know Nothing Party that was a political blip. The Republicans, if they don’t soon quit whining and align themselves behind Trump, will become the Do Nothing Party and suffer the same fate!

Obama's honeymoons

Posted at the Telegraph: Dear Dr. Faria, Thank you for your well-written article. You write that when "Barack Obama was elected and re-elected president in 2008 and 2012, the GOP went out of its way to reach across the aisle to the Democrats and extend to President Obama two sequential honeymoon periods." I wonder if you can support this assertion, as I seem to recall things differently.

I also recall a Republican caucus early in Pres. Obama's first term when the issue was how best to block his agenda. The closest thing I recall as cooperation was the participation of three Republican members of Congress on a six member group whose purpose was to develop legislation to reform a seriously flawed healthcare system. Unfortunately, Republican members withdrew after the Tea Party town halls in August 2009 when they were threatened with opposition for the 2010 elections. Thank you again. Dr. Richard Elliot
Received by email: Dr. Faria, your revisionist history has outdone itself this time. I guess you don't remember Mitch McConnell saying that his job was to make sure Barack Obama was a one-term president. The conservatives reached so far across the aisle that not one voted for the ACA or anything else Obama proposed. They were so stuck in their ways that they even turned down deals when Obama offered them a win. They even drove former Speaker of the House John Boehner, their Republican leader, into retirement because they wouldn't let him make any deals. Heck, they can't even reach within their own caucus much less across an aisle. On that, we agree. They have been saying no for eight years and now they have the ability and the power to say yes and they can't stop stabbing each other in the face and get anything done.---CR
Dr. Faria replies: Actually Obama had several honeymoon and not always with the same partner, dangerous liaisons:

First, with his own Democrat Party which lasted 8 years.
Second, with the mainstream media that lionized him, idolized him, cajoled him, and turned into a saint. This one actually began before he was president and continues after 8 years to this day!
Third, surreptitiously Obama developed an on-again, off-again honeymoon relationship with the Republican moderates, which joined with the Democrats, as I outline below, in passing socialistic legislation that even Hugo Chavez praised. And I'm not even citing academia, which gave him a Nobel Peace Prize before he had actually done anything. Not too long after he was bombing Libya!

In the 11th US Congress (2009-2011) Obama had his first honeymoon period with Congress. For example, a U.S. News and World Report article from 2009 — appropriately entitled, "Obama's Honeymoon is Over One year after Obama won the presidency, many are questioning him on the economy and Afghanistan"— admiringly states:

“In his first few weeks, the new president took aggressive action to stimulate the economy, rescue the financial industry and U.S. automakers, and keep the recession from turning into another depression. He ordered a drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq and beefed up the American contingent in Afghanistan (and is now considering another surge of 40,000 troops into that troubled country).” He could not have done any of this without at least RINOs helping.

In short, despite the rhetoric, in the Obama’s first honeymoon period, Congress passed a bunch of legislation with some bipartisan support: Omnibus Appropriation bills, the socialistic American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Children Health Insurance Reauthorization, National Defense Authorization, expanded welfare, food stamps, etc., to record numbers, etc.

Obama could not have done these things and in the first year without the assistance of the GOP moderates, for the Democrats had only bare majorities in the 11th US Congress (2009-2011). This is especially true in passing in December of 2011, the freedom eroding National Defense Authorization Bill of 2012, an extension of George W. Bush"s Patriot Act with ominous implications for American Liberty. In fact an article in the left-wing Huffington Post (2012) stated:

“On December 31, 2011, President Obama signed a law known as the National Defense Authorization Act for the 2012 fiscal year, or the H.R 1540. Congress passes this act every year to monitor the budget for the Department of Defense. However, this year the NDAA bill has passed with new provisions that should have the entire country up with pitchforks. Normally, this is just an act which details the monetary calls of the Department of Defense which is passed every year. However, the act passed for the 2012 fiscal year changes the bill and can be seen as an extension of the Patriot Act. Now, the indefinite detention has been extended to U.S. citizens as well. If people are spied on and suspected of being terrorists, they may be detained indefinitely without trial.In a country famous for the belief that one is innocent until proven guilty, this is an upsetting change that is being foisted upon the American people with many unaware of what it means.”

In his second term in cahoots with the 112th U.S. Congress (the GOP controlled the House, but not the Senate; 2011-2013). Once again Obama, despite the political rhetoric, entered another honeymoon period with Congress, which again with some bipartisan support allow Obama to bomb Libya in the shameful Operation Odyssey that ended up taking Ghadafi’s life, after the Libyan strongman had years previously renounced terrorism. Obama with some GOP support destabilized not only Libya but also Egypt. The Arab springs that turned into tornado season.

A looming shutdown of the government was averted with bipartisan support and the Budget control Act of 2011 was passed with Obama’s blessing. All of this was done by August of 2011. There is nothing comparable in congress dealing with Trump until the much ballyhooed recent little deal of the three month extension.

These were not honeymoons with a lawful wife (the Democrats) but dangerous liaisons with a cajoling media and moderate RINOs! — MAF