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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Donald Trump spoke with Taiwan’s President Tsai-Ing-wen (photo, below) on December 3, triggering a thunderstorm of media clatter and protestations. Some mainstream media analysts were “aghast” at the incident. But the fact is Trump was correct to take the call from the diminutive but steely, determined, and democratically elected Taiwanese president. The Taiwanese have lived under the threat of invasion and even nuclear attack from the communist Chinese for decades.

Mellifluous-voiced David Wright, a talking head on ABC News crowed, “it is difficult to tell if Trump’s conversation was a rookie mistake or a deliberate provocation”; while ABC News political analyst Matthew Dowd further expounded stating that either way Trump’s posture was “problematic.” The media dog and pony show on Sunday morning reminded me of the egregiously liberal bias I witnessed by ABC News commentators during election night coverage.

Most of the historic antecedents for the One China policy that the United States has observed for nearly 40 years have been ascribed to Republican President Richard Nixon. And while it is true that it was Nixon who opened up China, it was Democrat Jimmy Carter...

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Under the guise of suppressing “fake news,” the elite media and their allies are creating a censorship regime to ban legitimate conservative news from platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

In a November 19 editorial, The New York Times complained about “millions of people” having been taken in by “fake news stories,” such as that Pope Francis had endorsed Donald Trump for president. Think about this claim. For over a year Pope Frances has been denouncing capitalism and calling for open borders. Trump had been openly critical of the pope. If anyone believed the pope had suddenly endorsed Trump for president, they were living in a fantasy land. It’s extremely doubtful that millions believed such rubbish.

But the Times went further, citing a “BuzzFeed News analysis” finding that “during the last three months of the presidential campaign, the 20 top fake news stories on Facebook generated more engagement—shares, likes and comments—than the 20 top stories from real news websites.”

Forget for a moment about what constitutes “real news.” Does the Times really want to cite BuzzFeed as a respectable source of news and information? Didn’t President...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro is dead. Yes, the communist sultan finally expired yesterday evening, November 25, 2016. The news was ushered with an excellent editorial by the Miami Herald that argues Fidel Castro (photo, left) had become irrelevant. The editorial is a concise recapitulation of his life and influence for seven decades. But the truth is that despite having become irrelevant, Fidel leaves behind a twisted legacy of communist tyranny and evil personal dictatorship that cost at least 100,000 lives in Cuba (i.e., 40,000 alone trying to escape his regime*), and millions of other countless victims of wars, deprivation, and suffering throughout Latin America and Africa. He converted one to the happiest, freest, and most prosperous nations in Latin America to one of the poorest, desolate, and enslaved countries in the world. His revolution was romanticized by the media and American sympathizers, and he was hailed as a great agrarian reformer by the U.S. press. This false acclamation carried him to victory and communism “in our own backyard.”

And still today the contrast in views attest to his charisma, or rather to his legacy of evil. Recognition on one side; self-deception on the...

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The generations who founded America and our republic saw that ensuring the individual rights of free people was necessary to limiting government power and to their own pursuit of happiness. This came to be expressed in our Bill of Rights with its ultimate guarantor, the Second Amendment.

They believed just as strongly that religious faith was necessary to the health of a people and to good governing. Protestant Christians were most numerous, but Roman Catholics and Jews were present early on thanks to our shores welcoming the persecuted to seek their own havens. Religious tolerance became an American ethic. (Sadly, Muslims were not yet “building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy”.)  

The predominant theology of many of the most influential founders was Deistic. This emphasized belief in Divine Providence, the creation of the world by a God who is just and supports just causes in this world, and who metes out justice in an afterlife based on people’s acts in this. They believed, with Benjamin Franklin, that “God governs in the affairs of men.”

They did not routinely use explicitly Christian vocabulary. But they...

Monday, November 21, 2016

November 12, 2016, Hi Miguel, Food for thought [“Vladimir Mikhailovich Bekhterev (1857–1927): Strange Circumstances Surrounding the Death of the Great Russian Neurologist” by Kesselring J] … It seems either Stalin or some of his colleagues consulted a neurologist about his withered arm in 1927, and the neurologist made a dx. of syringomyelia. [But] it is usually attributed by historians to either beatings by his father or childhood infection of some sort. But as you say, historians cannot be doctors [or medical scientists!].

It could be Stalin actually wanted to find out if anything could be done for the arm, because he was so embarrassed by it. We know a few of his toes were webbed on one foot, and he was so embarrassed about that, he always wore boots even when swimming!

Unfortunately, the neurologist was somewhat ignorant of the conditions of the USSR in this era, and added a short psychiatric note as well. Looks like we have another case of poisoning by Stalin, not of him… In the meantime I will be searching for Lenin's autopsy report. Best regards, — Adam


November 12, 2016, Hi Adam, I first learned on the Bekhterev-...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

This summer at least three editorials have appeared in my local, Georgia newspaper, the Macon Telegraph, about how the Electoral College process works and explaining why our Founding Fathers created that system for presidential elections. They were not always accurate. One writer, for example, wrote, "The framers... felt the common, everyday, average, eligible voter was not intelligent, well-versed, well-read and knowledgeable enough to vote for the most qualified and best candidate.”

Although that statement is certainly another good reason to maintain the process of presidential elections today, it is historically incorrect. While it is true the Founders distrusted the idle mobs of the cities, the vast majority of Americans in the late 18th century lived in rural districts as farmers and yeomen, working the land and living from the fruits of their labors. These Americans were almost idolized by the Founders, particularly the Virginians Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.

Moreover, from their knowledge of history, the Founders knew the tragic fate of Athenian democracy and the death knell of the Roman Republic at the hands of Rome's notorious mobs, who incited by...

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trump called Alex Jones to thank him and his listeners for their support. It looks like the Counter Coup worked. But there has been no release of Hillary’s health record that I was expecting the weekend before the election.

I think all Americans are seeing for the first time the behavior of the Left, the Democrat Party, the Establishment, and the Media. They still do not understand why Trump was elected. It is total denial. Even Hillary and her crew are blaming FBI Director James Comey rather than themselves for the arrogance and incompetence, which was the real message of Wikileaks. Even Hillary still thinks she was not guilty of any crime from the substandard FBI investigation. Intent is not a requirement in her transgressions. Just having an unprotected government connected server in her home is enough to garner a felony charge. Obama lied (again) in saying he did not know about the server in her home until Wikileaks disclosed it, even though he apparently used that e-mail to contact her before he said that he knew about it. So, no doubt in the destroyed e-mails, Obama is also implicated. My guess is that Obama will pardon Clinton and her whole team, including...

Monday, November 14, 2016

What just happened in the 2016 presidential election in many ways was unprecedented and in other ways was expected by keen observers and deep thinkers. Fox News interviewed a university pollster who admitted that all the pollsters, all the political analysts and all the political pundits, were wrong. The only ones who were correct were Professor Helmut Norpoth of Stony Brook University, who was 99% certain that Trump would win, and Anonymous, who also predicted a Trump landslide. A number of us were convinced that Trump was going to win and we used completely different indicators to come to that conclusion.

When Nigel Farage was asked about Trump’s chances, he told the interviewer that he was convinced that Trump would win for the same reason Brexit won against incredible odds. He reminded viewers that even up to the moment of the vote all of Britain’s most astute pollsters and political analysts were stating that Brexit would lose by a wide margin and that they were astounded when the opposite happened. The key Mr. Farage said was that millions of people who had never voted for anything in their life voted for the first time. They voted because he was able to convince...

Thursday, November 10, 2016

The biggest losers on election night were in the liberal media, an adjunct of the national Democratic Party. But the far-left “progressives” who had backed Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and then rationalized voting for Hillary Clinton lost big. Many conservatives in the media also look like fools.

The left-wingers who were humiliated include:

○ Noam Chomsky, the Marxist academic, had come up with the idea of voting for Hillary as the lesser of two evils. He argued that, in competitive “swing” states, a “progressive” should vote for the “lesser evil” Democrat. This was necessary to stop Trump, he said.

○ Jeff Cohen, a professor of journalism at Ithaca College, co-authored an article with Norman Solomon that echoed Chomsky and said, “…if we lived in a swing state, we would vote for Clinton as the only way to prevent a Trump presidency.” Cohen and Solomon were Sanders supporters.

○ Michael Moore (photo, right), the left-wing filmmaker, endorsed Hillary and screened his film, “Michael Moore in TrumpLand,” at a pro-Hillary rally in Michigan, a state that Trump won. Moore said of Hillary, “I think and I hope that she is a...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I don’t watch television frequently, but I did so last night, and my wife and I stayed up for the U.S. presidential election coverage — until it was over. We alternated watching between ABC News and CBS News. On ABC News, George Stephanopoulos and Cokie Roberts and the roaming correspondent Cecilia Vega were some of the main commentators. On CBS News the lead commentators were retired news veterans Charles Gibson and Bob Schieffer, as well as Charlie Rose and roaming correspondent Nancy Cordes.
The commentators kept repeating themselves saying what they were witnessing was "unprecedented" as Donald Trump won state after state and surpassed Hillary Clinton in Electoral College votes. Watching the supposedly objective media commentators tally and discuss the votes was as amazing as the election itself. This amazement resulted as much from what was said by the participants in their guarded and unguarded moments as well as their behavior. As coverage proceeded and more and more states turned red for Trump, many of the faces turned somber, their disappointment palpable, their condescension to American voters mechanical and revengeful. But it was surprising how...